Pathway For Members of Overseas Accounting Bodies

注册会计师s Australia and New Zealand offers Special Admission, and access to the benefits of CA ANZ membership, to internationally qualified members.


  • Reciprocal arrangements exist for international accounting bodies that belong to the Global Accounting Alliance
  • International Pathways have been developed to fast track entry to CA ANZ membership

Imagine growing your professional network in the Asia Pacific region by leveraging an international pathway of special admission to 注册会计师s Australia and New Zealand. To make the pathway to CA ANZ membership as simple and speedy as possible we have developed several different programs or arrangements that fulfil foundation requirements and bridge any professional and informational gaps that exist as pre-requisites to membership. Some may even find that their designation is directly aligned and membership with CA ANZ could be as simple as the application fee and migration requirements.

Continue reading to find out your unique pathway to CA ANZ membership.

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Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) Member Bodies

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