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    Who do people trust to make tax fair?

    The citizens in G20 countries want to know who doesn’t pay tax and why, finds the G20 Public Trust in 税 report...

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    How does NZ’s Wellbeing Budget measure up?

    When it comes to measuring returns on investment, NZ’s 2019 Budget does well on some items but is absent on others...

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    Out-of-date safety nets fail modern workers

    With workers facing increasingly casualised employment, social safety nets need urgent updating, according to an OECD report...

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    Seven ways to support clients in farm debt mediation

    Rising farm debt is a reality for many on the land and CAs need to know how to deal with financial institutions and farmers alike...

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    CAs weigh in on Budget 2019-20

    Chartered accountants in practice see 澳大利亚’s Budget as a short-term plan to win votes, but the tax breaks are nice...

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    Capitalism, inequality and economic growth

    Can a more inclusive style of economic growth help close the global gap between rich and poor?...

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    Opportunities abound for CA ANZ accredited forensic accounting specialists

    Even with more than a decade of experience working in forensic accounting, McGrathNicol partner Matthew Ashby CA saw the benefits in studying to become a CA ANZ accredited forensic accounting...

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    Bringing country clients closer to their banks

    Practical tips for accountants to foster a positive relationship between rural clients and their banks...

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    Who should do the sums on campaign promises?

    Professional bodies don’t often call out politicians’ rubbery figures during elections, but an independent agency should...

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    The power of our CA voice

    CA ANZ is working to amplify our members’ voice, and we need your input...

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